This group has given me a life line when I felt like no one cared, had no friends etc. This group kept me going. I have made more of a connection with people and I now class these people as family. I know I’m the founder / chair of the group but this group motivates me to do good for the people who have become connected in this group xxxx

I really enjoy the craft sessions. We have a laugh and it is really therapeutic… a total escape!

No one is judging me. I can relax and get things off my chest.

The training sessions have been really helpful in understanding my son. I know how to adjust my expectations now and some new strategies. Thank you Clair for sourcing it for us.

I enjoy the group activities. I get to meet new friends, who are like me and we go out and do different things. I really enjoy trampolining.

Clair’s PMP makes me feel more confident and comfortable to go out because we’re in a group. If my child acts up or has a meltdown, I am with people who help and understand how difficult it is.

I don’t feel as lonely.