Meet the Team

Meet our Management Committee Team:



Clair Hodgson is our Founder and Chair who oversees Clair’s Parents Meeting Parents ADHD. Clair sources the speakers and is the driving force behind the group. She was diagnosed with ADHD herself 2 years ago and has a teenage son who has ADHD and other co-morbid conditions.



Iseabail Malpus is our Vice-Chair. Both of her sons have now been diagnosed with ADHD. She looks after the digital and business side of the group.




Bernie Moules is our Treasurer. She has a grandson with ADHD.





Carly Kay is our Vice Treasurer. She has a son with ADHD.





Lisa Mason is a trustee. She has a son with ADHD.





Ruth Roberts is our newest Trustee. Ruth has a child with ADHD and other neuro-complexities.